Service Partners

Institute of Consumer Financial Education

Institute of Consumer Financial Education The Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), founded in 1982 by the late Loren Dunton (creator of the "certified financial planner" CFP® designation) is an award-winning non-profit consumer education organization. The ICFE has developed the "Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist™" (CITRMS) educational and certification testing program. The main purpose is to comprehensively prepare and equip law enforcement professionals, financial planners and CPA's, resolution advocates, notaries, lawyers, credit and debt counselors, with the knowledge and skills necessary to help consumers and businesses fully assess and minimize their risk of credit and identity theft. •

Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead Senior Care Home Instead Senior Care® is a reliable source of care for seniors locally and is referred by thousands of health care, medical and social service organizations throughout North America. Since 1994, we have helped nearly 1 million clients live independently – allowing them to enjoy the day-to-day activities they have come to count on. •

Avalon Strategies

Avalon Strategies Avalon Strategies, headquartered in Arizona, is a financial and business consulting practice based upon a solid foundation of preparation and accomplishment. Avalon Strategies provides strategic, financial, and marketing support tailored to the unique needs of each client. Immediate and personal access to professional resources includes all aspects of developing businesses, including capital sources, technology evaluation, financial and legal support, goal setting, negotiation, implementation, dispute resolution, and a host of other management skills. Avalon Strategies also offers certified identity theft risk management. Avalon Strategies is a community and team oriented manager and international facilitator of business projects in a wide range of endeavors. •

Boomers & Elders

Boomers & Elders Boomers and Elders, LLC, is the portal hub for adult children with aging parents and direct provider of income planning services for families in transition. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Boomers and Elders enjoys an extensive network of providers of related services and products to support families in this important phase of life. •

Keeping Us Safe

Keeping Us Safe We have dedicated ourselves to providing a service designed to ease the burden of the aging process, particularly as it relates to driving an automobile. None of us want to lose any of the independence we have come accustomed to over the years. Doing so could certainly be perceived as an eroding of our personal freedoms to do what we need and want to do, when and how we want to do them. If not handled properly, such an erosion of our dignity would serve only to increase the likelihood of depression or withdrawal from our families, friends, and from doing the things that have kept us young over the years. •

Lifelines Academy

Lifelines Academy Lifelines Academy is an online community for educating and connecting people serving seniors. Our mission is to prepare businesses, professionals and families to meet the challenges of—and to realize the opportunities associated with—the aging of America. With over 500 online continuing education and certification courses and a growing national network of service providers, we are preparing for the "Senior Tsunami" that has only just begun. •


AccuSearch AccuSearch, Inc. is a public record search firm headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona serving clients nationwide. The company provides nationwide background checks, Arizona public record searches and Arizona registered agent and corporate services. We are recognized for our unsurpassed accuracy, speedy turnaround and exceptional service. We take pride in getting things right and in getting results back to clients fast. That's why at AccuSearch we promise: "We get it right. You get it fast." •

Global Fraud Solutions, LLC

Global Fraud Solutions, LLC A privately held service and solutions company, Global Fraud Solutions provides anti-fraud products and services to consumers, businesses, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, service providers, victim and consumer advocacy groups, and professional organizations. The company's mission is to combat fraud by providing effective, industry-leading technology solutions in fraud protection and prevention, risk management and mitigation, investigations, and incident resolution. Global Fraud Solutions is operated by seasoned professionals and experts in the subject of fraud, with backgrounds in law enforcement and financial investigations, technology, business development, and sales and marketing. •

Oxygenesis Design

Oxygenesis Design Oxygenesis Design, based in Oregon, is a web development and graphic design company offering innovation in website design, branding, and custom programming. In addition to web authoring and database work, Oxygenesis specializes in corporate identities (logos) and provides a variety of print services, including flyers, magazine ads, brochure and stationery design, posters, business cards, and other marketing materials. Oxygenesis offers search engine-friendly website design as well as search engine optimization and Internet marketing services including copywriting/editing. Founded in 1997, we pride ourselves on personal service and customer satisfaction and strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. •